Hassle Shows

Hassle Shows are Boston’s coolest underground music shows. In 2016 alone, Brain Arts booked over 423 bands at 24 different venues, 19 of which were all-ages spaces. These shows were all planned, promoted, run and documented entirely by volunteers. In November of 2016, we also ran our 8th annual Hassle Fest which saw 33 different bands over the course of two days. Hassle shows are Brain Art’s foundation and most direct impact on Greater Boston’s culture.


The Boston Hassle

The Boston Hassle is Brain Art’s premiere music, film and art website. In addition to hosting our Hassle Shows, and acting as a portal for Boston Compass articles, Boston Hassle contains a wide variety of reviews, creative writing, spotlights, and much, much more. The Boston Hassle is our primary mouthpiece and mirror for local weird and underground culture.


The Boston Compass

The Boston Compass is Brain Art’s monthly newspaper with the goal of providing a platform for underground artists. The Compass is a resource for the New England community by highlighting the rich, diverse world of local art and music not often represented in traditional media outlets. Between 5,000 to 10,000 copies of the Compass are distributed each month at 147 locations in the greater Boston area. Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, it has grown into a full-sized, four-page monthly zine that includes original artwork by local artists, longer features, and a curated listing of underground music, film, and art events in and around Boston.


Black Market

Black Market is a semi-monthly, roaming market that brings together everything from secondhand to handmade including artwork, zines, records, body care, baked goods, books, patches, pins, t-shirts, leather goods, knits, woodwork, pottery, vintage clothing, jewelry, skateboards, tea, astrology readings, hair cuts and MORE!!



Brain Arts is supported in part by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administrated by the Mayor’s Office of Arts + Culture.