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Boston Compass

IMG_6616The Boston Compass is a four-page broadsheet newspaper distributed monthly to over 300 community spaces across the Greater Boston Area. Each issue features a handful of regular columns, special articles, horoscopes and comics, but serves primarily as a directory of the hand-picked music, art, and film events happening each month, with a focus on the non-commercial and the under-represented artists in our community. It began in 2010 as a single page zine with the goal of uniting Boston area artists and getting them all on the same page. The mission continues today, strengthened by the connections we have forged in our first seven years.

By making our newspaper free and available in nearly every neighborhood in Boston, our hope is that anyone can easily discover these unique scenes that are often ignored by larger event calendars. Ultimately, the purpose of the Compass is to break down institutional barriers and make it easy to find local, independent culture. We are committed to the accessibility of under-represented art movements that are so vital to our city’s cultural worth.

The Compass has a monthly circulation of over 7,500 papers a month and is written, produced and distributed entirely by volunteers. Each month, Brain Arts’ Artist Coordinator selects a different local artist to illustrate the paper, giving each issue a unique aesthetic. To date, we have printed more than 98 issues in as many months, drawing countless residents and tourists to events across New England.