Viscous Verses - THIS PATIO

By Art and Letters - Ben Mazur & Raquel Balboni for Boston Compass (#128)

October 16, 2020


The man said,

“What are you going to do

with your mother’s bureau?”

in a French accent

to presumably his wife and I

asked myself, ‘Have you been

hugged lately?’ This

the essence

of childhood and Vick’s

Vapor Rub. Consider

the stunned mind,

its new clock

as I wait for a glass

of Rioja. My shoulders

tense from the vroom

of a passing pick-up

as the two

couples, also on this patio,

go on and on

about real estate.

—Kevin McLellan--author of Hemispheres, Ornitheology, {box}, Tributary, and Round Trip--lives in Cambridge, and you can find out more about him here:

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