Viscous Verses: The Value of Missed News

By Philip Nikolayev

October 31, 2020

The Value of Missed News

Sometimes I stumble

upon old news I somehow missed --

in this vortex of that —

news I would have certainly

worried about, had I not missed it,

yet it is now too late,

the murders of yesteryear,

as if there were ever any shortage of them.

The mind cannot digest the aggregate

miseries of the world

without choking on empathy and fear.

I stumble upon old news I missed,

grateful that it has spared my nerves

without giving me a guilty conscience,

the outcomes of past conflicts,

no longer uncertain. I can feel

sad, or neutral, or happy,

but there is nothing to be afraid of any longer.

Had I not missed the news,

I would have worried myself sick,

sometimes to the point

of physically straining a muscle.

Philip Nikolayev is the author of Letters from Aldenderry.

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