Van Buren Records' SAINT LYOR Drops Debut EP 'If My Sins Could Talk'

By Cassie Capewell for Boston Compass (#122)

April 23, 2020

Saint Lyor lets his dark side speak on his debut EP, If My Sins Could Talk. Lyor came on the scene to a strong reception thanks to early breakout track “Gossip” and the fraternity of his Brockton-based collective Van Buren Records. In this eleven-track debut, Lyor offers his confessions with big flex confidence.

“I wanted to embrace my vices in a celebratory way,” says Lyor. “Acknowledge my self-destructive desires, and simultaneously take ownership of them in the hopes of becoming a better person, a better man.”


The project is a high-energy confessional and, through the catharsis that comes from his honesty, he is able to realize his own definition of success as well as how he intends to get there. The final track is an introduction to Lyor’s alter ego of sorts, Sinnerman, which he uses to navigate his journey.

While some might be unnerved by self-exposure, Lyor doesn’t shy away from it. He considers himself a very observant person, sometimes to a fault. But it is this nature that makes him confident in his ability to create music with a message that resonates. “You really have to know who you are, so you can actually then share yourself,” he says. “You have to be sincerely vulnerable. It’s crazy, but there is such a thing as fake vulnerability.”

With this project, Lyor also wanted to address the compromises people make to become successful, which he says often come at the expense of morality and character. “It’s something we all deal with when we come to define our own success and what we’re willing to do to get there.”

Lyor is focused on “impact and influence—creating ideas that will encourage overall human progress,” he says. “I have faith in who I am, what I’ve seen, and what I’ve learned.”

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