UNBEATABLE: Stream Local Hip Hop And Support Relief Efforts At The Same Damn Time!

By Stephen Grigelevich for Brain Arts Org

May 22, 2020

“A lot of us were running on adrenaline, wanting to do something to support the community now.” This is how music producer and Union Sound founder Erik “Loman” Sarno describes the experience of collaborating on a new local arts initiative, titled Mission:Music. Loman founded the venture along with Flagg Street Studio and Bret Silverman of record label Dust Collectors. Their goal: connect local audience to their local music scene, and use those opportunities to support artists during COVID. Mission:Music’s first venture comes to us via Unbeatable, an 18 track playlist featuring quality names in Boston area hip hop. And everytime you fill your ‘rona bunker with these sounds, know that 100% of the streaming royalties are going into the pockets of the Boston Music Maker’s Relief Fund. The fund, organized by celebrated music makerspace the Record Company, is looking to award every single one of the 1000+ artists who applied to receive relief during coronavirus. So we listen, the fund increases, and the whole constellation of creativity burns more brightly. Erik "Loman" Sarno, founder of Union Sound and creator of the playlist <em>Unbeatable</em>

"I hope listeners recognize and appreciate the diverse talents of our homegrown artists and producers.” -Sarno

As for the playlist as a whole, Loman, who curated Unbeatable says ‘showcasing this variety [of Boston hip hop] was an important part of the playlist’s curation. I hope listeners recognize and appreciate the diverse talents of our homegrown artists and producers.” And he’s right. Check out some of the featured artists on Unbeatable, and you’ll find a balance of moods, flows, and colors. I almost broke a glass doing the dishes to Brandi Blaze’s track. By the way, did you know that Brandi Blaze’s vagina is tighter than her bra strap? I had no idea, but she insists it’s true on “Slip.” You don’t believe me, let her tell you as she chews over trap in her slow, menacing flow.

One of the illest tracks on Unbeatable, in my opinion, is from Cliff Notez and guests, called "Ain't Nobody." The weeded out, hazy beat, with its detuned, minor key trumpet lines pouring out like ink in the background is perfect for a rainy day, or for lying in a field and looking upwards. Cliff, the local, renowned artist/educator and founder of digital media company HipStory reflected with me on art, Mission:Music, and these crazy times:

In regards to the Mission Music project I think its super dope. All things considered it can be really easy to get down on yourself and the world and feel some sense of despair or lack of motivation to create art. This is one of many needed reminders that our music, our art still matters. There’s still many, many reasons to create; this is one of them.

<em>Rapper/educator and found of History, Cliff Notez</em>

So, whether you’re looking to let your angst out of its quarantine, or just chill out and stare at the ceiling for an hour (again), come find Unbeatable. It’ll be here, waiting for you to push play on May 22nd.