The Tarot Forecast: A Month Of Healing And Gratitude

By Naomi Westwater for Boston Compass (#126)

August 11, 2020

The Tarot Forecast is a look at the month ahead in a tarot spread. For the month of August, I pulled the III of Swords reversed. Swords represent air and the mind. This card comes to us asking that August be a time for rest and forgiveness. The III of Swords indicates there has been some suffering and turmoil in our collective lives. We have met heartbreak and survived; we have felt deep betrayal and survived. But when the III of Swords shows up in reverse, it is time to recover from our pain. Take time this month to heal and to work on forgiveness, which is soul healing. We need to rest this month, and we need to prioritize it above all else. Our energy is a precious, yet finite resource. Be gentle with yourself. Sit with your grief, and learn from it. Healing takes time and is a lot of personal work.

For the full moon on August 3rd, I pulled the III of cups: a joyous card full of friendship. Cups represent the element of water and our emotions, and the III of Cups speaks to the happiness that is found when we connect with our community, friends, and chosen family. Use the abundant energy of the full moon and the start of the harvest season to reconnect and strengthen your relationship with your community. Spend time with people you feel a deep connection with; these bonds will feel nourishing at this time. Self-care on this full moon is choosing to only spend time with the people in your life that bring out the best in you.

The Emperor reversed appeared for the new moon on August 3rd. When the Emperor card shows up in reverse, it is a familiar, yet difficult, energy for us to work with. The Emperor reversed represents tyranny and all the rigidity that patriarchy brings. This card comes up when governments fail to protect their people, and when power becomes more important than life. Excessive use of force, domination, and a lack of discipline can appear when the Emperor card is in reverse. The systems in our lives may stop at nothing to try to regain control. This new moon, take care to protect yourself and to protect each other. You may be feeling extremely fed up with authority, but this is also a time to reimagine leadership.

The IX of Cups is the card of guidance for this month. It is another cup card full of wonder and brings with it harmony, bliss, and emotional clarity. Use these emotions to guide you through the month of August, say yes to comfort, and prioritize stability when you can. Enjoy the good things in your life! The IX of Cups brings a message of happiness to us but also asks that we never take happiness for granted. A flower smells the sweetest right before it wilts, so remember nothing lasts. Life will continue to grow and decay, so soak in all the goodness while you can.

—Naomi Westwater (@naomiwestwater)

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