She Runs The City:DJ Whysham Readies Her Debut Project Finally and Brings Back Boston

By Axestrumentals for Boston Compass Blog

August 25, 2020

DJ Whysham masterfully maneuvers between her many hats as an entrepreneur, on-air personality, clothing designer, activist, and mentor (to name a few). Her hands sit firmly on the turntables and on the pulse of Boston’s growing hip hop scene. She is a selfless visionary lending her platforms to spotlight the city’s talent and address mental health within the arts community. Now she embarks on a mission to showcase rising emcees and vocalist on her debut album, Finally.

Finally’s cover art is symbolic of Whysham’s willingness to be a student of her endeavors, placing her at the forefront of this generation of arts activists. Although this was not her original cover concept, she explains choosing her graduation photo saying “I went to an all women's undergraduate college in Allentown, Pennsylvania, (predominantly white institution) and could count all of the black people on campus. I graduated May 2013.”Her academic experience has come full circle where in May of this year she led a virtual discussion on the subject: “Institutionalized Racism in Higher Institutions.”

Whysham embraces the learning experiences, losses, and adaptations to be made in the pursuit of her success, especially in the wake of Covid-19.

Amidst cancelled gigs and a world of uncertainties she says “this pandemic has taught me to become more studious, focus and perfect my craft. I will stay up all night at the crib making flyers, emailing vendors to find more opportunities in the neighborhood.”

Sleep is a rarity for the 2019 Boston Music Award nominee. But her all-nighters at home or in the studio have spawned much of her creativity including her custom-designed masks, allowing people to be fashionably protected during this pandemic.

That same creative spirit has now manifested itself into DJ Whysham’s upcoming opus Finally. The project boasts features from Boston’s leading ladies such as: Brandie Blaze, Red Shaydez, Eva Davenport, Marcela Cruz and more. The high energy, bar-heavy “We Run The City,” featuring emcees CakeSwagg and Kay Wattz, serves as Finally’s lead single and visual. The record, produced by DoomWeed, is also an introduction to Boston Drill music which Whysham describes as “social justice trap.”

In deciding the album’s lineup Whysham says “I knew I wanted the album to be all female and non binary artists, but when it came to production, it’s honestly harder to find a female engineer compared to males. But Boston Got Next Entertainment will be changing that!”

That change is already underway as listeners will hear contributions to Finally from Boston-based female beatmaker, Abstract Minor.

In an effort to give supporters a glimpse into Whysham’s process while in album mode, she made it a point to capture and document behind-the-scenes of the album while in development. “We all know that one homie who goes to the studio and he releases the song, but you never see the behind the scenes, I want everyone to see it all, the struggles, the wins!”

Whysham’s ultimate goal with the release of Finally is to increase world-wide recognition of Boston’s plethora of musicians, hence her wholehearted belief that “Boston Got Next.”

Boston Got Next is not only a mantra, but also DJ Whysham’s brand within the Bringing Back Boston (BBBMA) network, providing resources to creatives in the areas of mental/public health and trauma-informed initiatives. “As an artist there are many struggles that aren’t talked about enough when learning how to navigate multiple spaces like: being a parent, employed/unemployed, [and] health disparities.” To aid in the fight against those disparities, Whysham also partakes in the Codman Square Farmer’s Market in Dorchester, providing fresh fruits and vegetables to community members. Her advocacy in arenas of health and the arts are what make Whysham essential to the fabric of Boston’s music scene, and our favorite community DJ.

DJ Whysham’s Finally LP will be available on all digital streaming platforms on September 7th, followed by a deluxe & chopped-n-screwed version on October 23rd. Listeners can also catch DJ Whysham on the “Lunch Is Ova” radio show every Tuesday & Thursday from 1-3 P.M. on SPARK FM - Online. Lastly, be sure to visit DJ Whysham’s Boston Got Next website and follow her across all social media platforms: @djwhysham.

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