Shai Lingo: The City’s Best Kept Secret

By Tahisha Charles For Boston Compass (#128)

October 20, 2020

On the scene for a few years now, Shai Lingo is Boston’s best kept secret.

Inspired to become an artist following the murder of his great grandfather, a famous musician in Portugal, Shai Lingo wanted to carry out his great grandfather’s legacy and bring a different sound from most of the artists coming out of Massachusetts to the local music scene.

Dropping his single, “On Go” at the top of the summer, the Turn Me Up Mau produced track has a different type of vibe in comparison to Shai’s previous releases. A record that can be played all year long, “On Go” will either have you in your bag or ready to dub your shorty.

“The process of creating ‘On Go’ was magical,” Shai Lingo told Boston Compass. “I woke up that day and the vibes were just right. The day was going well, and I headed to the studio after a fresh cut, which always puts me in a great mood. I got [there] and my producer friend, Turn Me Up Mau, started playing some of his beats and I started jamming out! The words just started flowing [so naturally] and I hope the people can feel it when listening to the track.”

Citing Lil Wayne, Drake, Chief Keef, and Queen as his favorite artists, Shai Lingo gives most credit to artist-producer, Ryan Leslie. “His dedication as both a producer and artist inspired me to be just as much as a creative force behind my music,” said Shai. “I learned how to play the piano and love being [present] in the creation of my sound.”

Shai Lingo has co-produced many of his records, including “On Go.”

“On Go” is the first of many singles for Shai Lingo. Going into 2021, expect more visuals, melodic and quality content, and a “further expression of creativity and personality.”

—Tahisha Charles, @miixtapechiick

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