Places You Can Hang: Boston Community Fridge

By e.b.b. for Boston Compass (#129)

November 14, 2020

Settling into the chilly autumn, my mind typically drifts to thoughts of the warmth found in family, friends and food. The pandemic is sadly preventing me from being with family and having intimate indoor gatherings with friends--a situation that many people will be facing as the days get darker. However, I am in a privileged enough position that I do not experience housing, economic or food insecurity due to the virus like far too many people have. It’s an unfortunate reality that our current support systems in this country are intentionally ineffective and aim to uphold an unjust capitalist system--usually with the goal of pitting disenfranchised people against one another to compete for resources.

A local mutual aid group, Boston Community Fridge, seeks to challenge this inhumane mentality by facilitating a system of non-hierarchical food distribution that simultaneously serves and is served by members of the community. A team of volunteers and community partners provide and upkeep locations for anyone to give or receive free food: the first was a brightly painted fridge on the sidewalk in JP, but many more have followed in other parts of the city (including one across the street from DAP). The group’s intent goes far beyond food, however, and sees this project as a microcosm of how all systems should be: people-driven, equitable, adaptable and accessible. So, if you’re yearning for a season of food and genuine human care--please contact @bostoncommunityfridge on instagram so we can make that dream a reality for everyone in this city!


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