Only Jon x Kasanova's Single “Soul Snatcher”: Now Streaming!

By Cassie Capewell for Boston Compass Blog

September 16, 2020

Allow me to reintroduce local artist Only Jon, this time as part of a R&B/rap duo with Kasanova. Their entrance to the scene begins with “Soul Snatcher,” their first of many singles dropping in 2020.

“‘Soul Snatcher’ is all about being mindful of the people and items that can lead to an unexpected downfall,” says Only Jon. Both Kasanova and Only Jon express in their own ways that one’s soul is worth more than what meets the eye.

Kasanova starts off the track, and Only Jon joins him for the hook before delivering his own verse. The track is produced by Fly Melodies, and mixed and mastered by Only Jon himself. Their influences include 88Glam, Jodeci, Ryan Trey, and Pi’erre Bourne, and as a duo, their own sound balances emotional darkness and classic flexing.

Both artists have released records of their own. Only Jon, a Massachusetts native, has R&B vibes, and Kasanova is a versatile rapper, tapping into many genres, from dancehall to trap, with heavy influences from the music he grew up on in the South.

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Listen to "Soul Snatcher" now:
Only Jon 1/2 · Kasanova X Only Jon - Soul Snatcher (the)