Notes from the Crew: BMA Nominations

By Kevin D for Boston Compass (#129)

November 4, 2020

I have to admit, when I first saw that our newspaper got nominated for the 2020 Boston Music Awards “Music Publication of the Year”, I didn't feel much of anything. We've never needed an official validation such as an award to feel like our work is worth something. That is something our readers lovingly show us all the time <3. Trophies from the BMA's seemed like an over-glorified token you received for being the most commercially successful nominee. This process seemed to strip the unique locale “Boston” out of the title, and the repetition of the same nominees and winners year to year diminished the honor of receiving it. I began to think award shows such as these were so out of touch that they weren't worth our time. Being a part of the Boston underground music scene for around a decade, I was seeing little to no representation of what I saw in those packed basements and small venues almost every single night.

I digress...I am here to tell y'all my tune is beginning to change, and not just because our headquarters DAP won a BMA last year. I'm finally seeing a bit of the underground seep into the reaches of the BMA's. Maybe it's this age of self-reflection we've found ourselves in or we've just been getting lucky...all I know is that we are so proud to share the nominees list with so many amazing artists and groups this year. The list is refreshing and exciting. I'm actually already pumped to see what the 2021 lineup will be and see how the BMA scope begins to broaden even more and recognize that the underground IS Boston. The sooner we come together and realize this, the more room we can create for artists of all types in this overpriced city. I'm still waiting to see Boston's prolific experimental music underbelly have a place in this show. Voting is now closed, but you can still check out the nominees at and maybe find someone new to listen to!


— Kevin Dacey, Boston Compass Print Editor-in-chief


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