JP Label ERASED! Tapes Offers DIY Compilation for COVID Relief

By Stephen Grigelevich for Brain Arts Org

April 21, 2020

Brain Arts’ own Stephen Grigelevich reached out to Jonathan Nankof of ERASED! Tapes, a Boston-based record label, to chat about their COVID-19 benefit compilation album. Titled “Outline the Sun,” this 69-song (yes, 69 songs) compilation was released on Monday. Here’s what Jonathan had to say about the compilation, the wonderful organizations they are helping, and coping with the COVID-19 crisis:

The music is awesome, and often entrancing. And 69 songs! What do we do with all this music, Jon? No really, any recommendations?

I agree - this music is really great. I’m so happy and thankful to know so many amazing artists and people who are so willing to collaborate and be a part of something like this comp. What to do with it? I ask that people check out the music! Maybe slowly and in chunks. I did my best to arrange it like a playlist, so throughout there are different sonic places to occupy and different artists to check out. From there, you can donate some money in order to grip the full 69-track comp! And then please go check out the other work of these artists and support them directly in any way you can.

Jon, La Cosecha and Families for Justice as Healing are two really important organizations. What do you want people to know about what and who they're supporting when they buy the compilation?

yes - they are both doing really important work. I want people to know that none of the pathetic amount of aid being offered by the federal government is making it to so many people who need it most of all. One group of people who fall under this category are undocumented immigrants who are facing financial hardships due to COVID-19. The US relies so heavily on undocumented immigrants, yet they don’t receive stimulus checks or unemployment. Incarcerated folks are also among the most vulnerable right now - there are lots of people and organizations doing important work to get people, who are at higher risk of complications if they were to contract COVID-19, out of our absolutely fucked up prisons.

Why a compilation as a COVID-19 fundraiser? Was it simply a practical decision as a label, or is there a message behind compilation as the choice of medium?

A compilation seemed like a clear route to me for many reasons. I wanted a project to work on, as many other people are probably feeling right now, and I wanted to provide some sort of outlet for people around me to contribute in at least one small and easy way! In putting together this compilation, I connected with tons of people who were really enthusiastic about the project, and this was a total joy. There are so many different ways to help in a time like this, and any route that feels do-able is helpful and plays into the large scale relief efforts being made all over the US and the world - each part is essential and relevant, no matter how small! I couldn’t think of a better or more relevant way for myself to contribute than to try to pull together a huge collection of amazing artists’ work in order to raise funds for folks doing really important work.

How's life for you and the ERASED! Tapes label right now?

Life for me is about as good as it could be right now - I am extremely lucky. Lucky for the bit of work I still have going through my job, lucky for my lovely roommates, and lucky to be a part of such a thoughtful and creative community. ERASED! Tapes has been focused on this comp as well as a few upcoming releases, including one coming in just under 3 weeks. I would talk about these releases, but I’ll just say stay tuned! Check out the comp for now. As I write this, we’ve raised nearly $1,000 since the comp went up at midnight on Monday. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Cosecha and Families for Justice as Healing for doing such important work and to everybody who has checked out, shared, or bought the comp so far! Thanks also to Brain Arts and Steve for taking the time to write and share about this comp.

To buy the compilation or individual tracks, check it out on bandcamp HERE.

To donate directly to Cosecha or Families for Justice as Healing, check out the links below: