Interview with Veronica Robles, artist and curator of Latinos: Afro Descendientes

By Stephen Grigelevich for Brain Arts Org

July 18, 2020

Cloud Cafe is an immersive virtual performance series and fundraiser for artists who have lost work during the pandemic. Each event is curated by a different artist, and uses Zoom in creative ways to replicate that feeling of watching a performance in a room full of people. Right now artists need people who care about their work to rally behind them and support them. If you want to see more Cloud Cafe performances please donate below! 100% of the proceeds will go to Cloud Cafe performers and curators

Below is an interview with Cloud Cafe curator Veronica Robles, who will be curating tomorrow's show, titled *Latinos: Afro Descendientes.

Veronica, you are curating the Cloud Cafe show on July 19th titled Latinos: Afro Descendientes. Can you talk about your inspiration for this curation?

AlthoughI have always offered programs that include information about African Diaspora in Latin America in countries such as Mexico. Colombia, PerĂº, Puerto Rico, Honduras etc. I think this is a moment in time when we need to empathize and take advantage of every opportunity that becomes available to address this topic and highlight local artists that represent us all and continue educating people that we are all somehow related in all aspects of life but most importantly that we need to respect and take care of each other because at the end we are all humans and cohabitate the earth.

What are some messages or experiences that you want to deliver to audiences through this show? I am excited about presenting these artists which I know and have worked with for many years, I have a high respect for their work and this is a great opportunity to not only introduce their form of art but also to be able to have a conversation about racial discrimination even in our community.

Some of the artists in this show are rooted in community activism. What role does community or political activism play in your art, or your everyday experience?

Through my business and professional services as a performer and teaching artists for the past 22 years I have served as a bridge between cultures performing for wide and diverse audiences, I have offered my educational programs mainly at predominantly white neighborhoods for both wealthy and low income families at all levels including k-12 schools, colleges, universities, corporations and arts and culture organizations with the mission of raising awareness about diversity and elevating the image of Latinx community and our cultures through the content of my performances and programs.

I've never been into hard core politics but I have a long history working with community partners and leaders including city officials to produce, facilitate and promote conversation and initiatives supporting equity, inclusion and justice related initiatives.

You are a mariachi singer and founder of an all women mariachi band! Can you tell us about that and where we can find you?

Before the pandemic we performed all over in festivals, museums, stadiums, schools, and of course some private events both for general audiences and corporations and our calendar was full year round but right now as many artists we are waiting for presenters to get back on business. I am offering virtual Serenades and concerts for presenters lIke Celebrity Series of Boston and ISabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Ioffered education shows online for schools and people can book our services on my website or follow me on my social media

Anything else you want readers to know about you, the show, or anything else?

I would like to invite your readers to support the Icloud Cafe series by making a contribution or participating at the show to support local artists.

I like to invite people to book any services as an artist and take advantage of my educational programs online.

I would like to invite everyone to find out about my non-profit organization that supports community action by promoting latin American traditional arts based in East Boston. As a response to the Covid19 we are implementing creative ways to help low income families, Latino artists and members of the creative economy to cope with the health and economic crisis, we have also provided direct economic support you can find our more information at or follow our social media Robles Cultural Center

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How can people find out more and get more involved?

You can learn about the artists, curators, and lineups on our website, You can also follow us on Instagram: @cloudcafearts.

7/19 performance

(curator) Veronica Robles @veronicaroblesmariachi

Jorge Arce

Roberto y Gloria Cepeda*