Freaking Awesome Track By Freaking

By Michael Mambrino

September 17, 2020

What’s that I hear?

That’s right, Freaking returns with their first release since last year. Before the pandemic swept the nation, you may have seen them on bills with Gold Dime, Dust From 1000 Years and Rogozo. If you’ve seen them at any show and you’re wondering what they sound like without the crowds and other background noise, their new single “I’m Not Opposed To Sand” will not disappoint.

Slowly creeping into this track you will be introduced to some dreamy guitar riffs and percussion. When the vocals hit your earworm is waking up ready to play this song in an echo chamber after you’re done listening. The refrain's infectious with your head nodding or feet tapping to the beat, the reverb on the guitars are so dizzying that you’d think you were just spinning around for 4 minutes. It’s a pretty psychedelic song to say the least, however it’s rooted in a lot of grunge / alternative tropes, but when it sprouts and grows it’s as colorful as a rainbow with 10 variations of each color.

If you’re looking for a track that you can play on repeat and not get tired of, this song is for you, it’s catchy, rhythmic and overall a delight to listen to. So put this song on your daily commute playlist and enjoy the vibes.