Experimental Excursion: Post-Halloween Jams

By Michael Mambrino for Boston Compass

November 5, 2020

Whether you enjoyed Halloween or not, we have to admit that it looked very different this year with less decorations and no local bands doing covers of indie rock giants and so on. While these releases may not necessarily be “spooky” they definitely will be eye-catching and a nice set-list for the fall season.

1.) Dedication - Flesh Narc


Jamming in a haunted junkyard with scrap metal, a sequencer, tape loops, and many other interesting “instruments” will be the vibe for this release. Texas noise rock giants take a more free jazz-oriented approach on this tape with more focus than ever. The attention to detail in acoustics are creative and provoking while scattered at the same time. It makes you unsure of the intentions the artist has (if there are any), but if there’s one thing for certain, it’s the passion the artists have for doing what they love most: confusing the audience.

2.) Completeness for Flutes and Double Reeds - A Quartet of PEKs

Multi-instrumentalist jazz powerhouse David Peck of Evil Clown records strikes again with another zoning disc. In the fifth installment of Quartet of PEKs the instruments are all in the woodwind category and PEK’s improvisational expertise really is at its peak on this album. It’s the perfect album for spacing out on your couch for an hour as it requires full mindfulness to enjoy maximally. If you’re in the mood for some slight spiritual experiences use this album as the background for whatever journey you’re going to take.

3.) It just keeps getting worse - Flower Of Flesh And Blood

Like many releases in their catalog, this tape is auditory doomsday, it’s apocalyptic, chaotic, and terrifying. The industrial world is crashing down in full force for 32 minutes, however, it’s beautiful. This tape may just be the most disturbing release on this list and its replayability is astounding for me. So Halloween comes to an end, and now we’re stuck with the real spookiness that is the sonic range of this burning industrial powerhouse.

So…. someone hasn’t been doing their homework and couldn’t write up enough releases for this month. But I will be using this paragraph to shamelessly plug my own music as well as an offer for you noise artists out there.

First off here’s my bandcamp:


And secondly I may or may not be starting a split series, so if you have a file you want to send my way I will happily review it and put it on tape / CD if you wish. Email me at michael@brain-arts.org! and as always be safe and well.