Experimental Excursion October 2020: An Interview with 【BAD CRAVE】

By Michael Mambrino for Boston Compass Blog

October 1, 2020

Third time’s the charm and this one’s going to be special because we have a special guest interview! 【BAD CRAVE】 is a harsh noise artist out of Eugene, Oregon. In all of her releases she samples movies and conversation or other sounds that she chops, loops, and overdrives with granular synthesis, using the density to control or abolish the rhythm. I got to talk with her via DM about her latest project THOUGHTS OF DEATH and her influences and introduction to experimental music.

MM: Describe thoughts of death from a creator's point of view, is there anything you would like to let people know pre-listening?

BC: This album is a portrait of suffering before existence, and represents many contradictions and simultaneous alignments with both Hindu and western philosophies

MM: Is there any inspiration or motive behind the films or footage you sample? If so, what are they?

BC: Usually I sample whatever I happen to be watching because I want to focus on the aural element of the moment and distill it into emotions. Sampling is how I let the universe take control of my recording somewhat out of my hands.

MM: On this project, did you build the concept around the audio or the audio around the concept?

BC: The concepts came from a few prior longform recordings that I really liked. The theory of my performance was developed through practice, which allowed me to be more expressive, albeit abstractly

MM: What makes Oregon unique or interesting when it comes to their experimental scene?

BC: To be honest. not a hell of a lot

MM: Are there any artists you take inspiration from when you’re recording? (If none, what artists do you recommend)

BC: Halley Labs is my number 1 inspiration for anything rhythmic or melodic I make. Trent Reznor of NIN inspires me to keep experimenting and making new patches, and Dysphoria @thisisdysphoria inspired me to start making harsh noise in the first place

MM: What are some of the best qualities of harsh noise in your opinion?

BC: You can use it to sync your intention with that of the universe. Listening to harsh noise can give you amazing ideas for most genres of hip-hop, electronic, and rock music. It’s a form of self expression that's difficult to be inauthentic with.

MM: Any closing thoughts or statements?

BC: Without my friends and family I wouldn't have gotten this far. They've given me the space to be creative and endured countless jams. I hope that more people listen to THOUGHTS OF DEATH,. GRASS 777 took 4 takes and BLACKLISTED was made on an airplane from LA to Eugene.