BAO Fam Share: KLYAM Talk Underground Music History With Scene Veteran Chris Strunk

By Mike Achille for Brain Arts Organization

July 27, 2020

For today’s BAO Fam Share we’re showcasing a new podcast series by Glen Maganzini and Chris DeCarlo of Kids Like You and Me. Documenting our present before it becomes our past is so important, especially when it comes to things so often as fleeting as music scenes. KLYAM began their documentation over 10 years ago by booking local shows and kicked off their label with the release of the s/t Fat Creeps EP. The duo has helped release a wide range of fast paced, guitar driven garage rock and blissful indie pop over the years, have maintained and consistently contributed to their blog, and have continued to throw countless shows all of which they keep records of (see their website for their new daily series “This Day in KLYAM” in which they list shows from years past on each given day). And all of this comes from a genuine love of the local music scene and an untamable desire to ensure these moments, these years in the long and multifaceted story of underground music in Boston are not forgotten.

Documenting our present before it becomes our past is so important, especially when it comes to things so often as fleeting as music scenes.

This is why I was so excited to see that despite COVID shutting down shows and keeping us all socially distant, Glen and Chris decided to pivot and create a podcast. Their episodes, largely conversations with musicians and Boston scene stalwarts, began back in May with Noah Britton of recently ended project Request Freebrid and have continued steadily ever since including interviews with Matt Garlick of NICE GUYS, Jim Leonard (Fat Creeps), Hugo B, Ryan Major, and Lily Fein among many others.

I recently listened to their talk with scene veteran Chris Strunk about his recently published zine - “an incomplete history of long-gone illegal punk venues in Boston from 2000 to 2015 (or somewhere around there)” and it struck many of the same nerves that get a jolt out of seeing live music for me. Strunk has long been a part of the Boston punk scene and in addition to performing as an experimental noise artist both solo and in various groups, he has most recently played in bands such as Phantom Rides, Crisis Actors, and the short lived Baja Blatz. Filled with a fascinating (largely untold) history, countless interesting personal anecdotes; and with a laid back feel not unlike the conversations I’ve had at shows with fellow music lovers, the podcast (and zine) are essential for anyone who has been involved in underground music in Boston now or in the past. These types of spaces foster the birth and nurturing of any local scene and seeing them thoughtfully documented by someone who was there is both comforting and reassuring. Their impact and influence will live on in the stories we tell among friends.

Listen to this episode (and all the others!) and check out the KLYAM website for photos, music writings, musings, and more.