BAO Fam Share: ItsLitBoston Changes The Music Podcast Game with Red Shaydez, Amir Maxx, And More

By Liz Smith for Brain Arts Org

May 25, 2020

This week's Fam Share is the ItsLitBoston podcast, winner of "Best Music Podcast" at the 2019 Boston Music Awards. Every Wednesday, Sam, Sho, and Mikey of ItsLitBoston are joined by up and coming Boston-based musicians to discuss all things hip-hop and beyond. This episode is a throwback to the start of 2020, which can feel like another lifetime these days. Sam, Sho, and Mikey were joined by Red Shaydez to discuss her sold-out event "How To Jumpstart A Music Career in Boston" hosted at DAP.

Later, rapper and hip hop artist Amir Maxx joins the conversation and discusses the evolution of his career as a musician and his podcast TempahZone.

Lastly, Rob Castor, friend of the podcast and Project Manager for the City of Boston, discusses his CSL (Construction Supervisors License) and his journey to finding success demonstrating the ItsLit crew's ability to cover a wide range of topics with ease.

Listen below to be inspired and discover new content to explore while you're stuck at home:

In recent news, Red Shaydez has just announced that each week leading up to the release of her second album Feel the Aura she'll be sharing a surprise related to her album. Tune in to learn more about the creation of Feel the Aura every Sunday on Red Shaydez' Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Also check out a first look at the album published on Allston Pudding.

Amir Maxx has also been busy, he just dropped his single Livin' on May 24th, check it out:

Amir Maxx ยท Livin' (prod. Amir Maxx)

Article cover photo taken from the ItsLitBoston Facebook page

The ItsLit crew is persisting in the face of adversity as they continue to release weekly episodes, click here to listen to their most recent episode.

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