An Intimate Moment with the Activist Through Words, Amber Aliyah Williams aka SublimeLuv
By Carlene McNair aka CHOSEN.

February 23, 2021

Amber Aliyah Williams also known as SublimeLuv is a renowned creative, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Her creativity and vibrant personality are not only seen in her talent as a makeup artist and stylist but it is very much evident in her gift of writing, speaking, and teaching. Being a queer woman of color, diagnosed with a mental illness at a young age, she has risen above the odds and continues to defy societal barriers.


Clutch-Pop! — Slimeater x Replicator
By James Ammirato for Boston Compass (#132)

February 21, 2021

Slimeater x Replicator

Pop music constantly evolves. Ever since the term’s conception, “pop” has been used to describe anything from radio hits to bedroom indie. Since the rise of label PC Music, artists like 100 gecs and Charli XCX have been pioneers of the aptly dubbed “hyperpop,” music that borrows traditional pop conventions and song structures and blends them with modern trends like autotune, lightning-fast tempos, and blown-out bass.

In Boston, hyperpop has attracted an audienc...

Underground Flex: Sidestreet Capo
By Tahisha Charles For Boston Compass (#132)

February 19, 2021

Sidestreet Capo: The Trench Translator

From the streets of Roxbury, specifically Humboldt Ave., it’s more than muzik for Sidestreet Capo. Being only 22 years old, he’s gone through enough for two lifetimes.

Kicking off last year with “Better Now” after spending time behind bars, Capo has never shied away from merging street life and music; and whether you’ve lived in the trenches yourself or have watched from afar, you cannot only relate to his pain, but have no choice but to un...

BAO Fam Share: What's In Your Heart Web Series
By Tina for Boston Compass Blog

February 19, 2021

In addition to rockin' our technological development, our very own web dev Ellie has an awesome platform for creative conversations. For this week's Fam Share we want to feature Ellie's web series, What's in Your Heart!

Check out what Ellie has to say below:

What's in Your Heart is a web series and a soft landing where we explore the heart space, what makes us feel alive, and is an invitation for you to be exactly who you are, where you are. We feature creatives and folks from ...

When the Sun Meets the Moon
By Qadir Shabazz for Boston Compass

February 19, 2021

The seed of a flower, the beginning, the start of ​something—cannot be changed. The roots that sprout from the seed can only begin to grow bigger, stronger while it begins to transform through its lively stages. The path of this transformation does not narrow—it widens. If I plant two different types of seeds next to each other in the same garden, they both will serve the purpose of sprouting, of growing bigger and stronger, and allowing themselves to transform through their lively stages. It’s ...

Experimental Excursion: January Finds
By Michael Mambrino for Boston Compass

February 17, 2021

2020 is out and ‘21 is in. Starting off this new month and the year is three standout releases and we are going a bit more international this time around featuring artists from Maine all the way to Berlin and Shanghai.

  1.    Luminations Cast by Vernal Fae - Tupilaq

Hailing f...

Advice for Lovers: Art Edition
By Daniela Thomas for Boston Compass (#132)

February 16, 2021


Check out all the art and columns of February's Boston Compass at

SOS: Solar Flexin'
By Saafyr for Boston Compass Blog

February 15, 2021

Cuddled up with my friend, Shay, we chat about life and it’s impacts to your mind, body, and spirit, ‘Hanging with Mr. Cooper’ is playing on the TV and I look back at my computer, procrastinating. I’m listening to his wisdom respond to my experiences as I contemplate the message he feeds me and feel it on my fingertips becoming the opening to this article. I think to myself… to flex, or not to flex? SOS…!

Him: It’s your time. Now. It’s been given away and-- are you kidding me? You ...

By Tina for Boston Compass Blog

February 13, 2021

Looking for Galentine’s plans this weekend? Tune in to SIDE presents Estrogina III—an intimate virtual discussion presented by amazing black women with powerful creative practices. Sure to empower you and inspire you, check out these weekend-long convos on SIDE Presents IG Live!

Check it out below!! vv

Notes from the Editor
By Kevin Dacey for Boston Compass (#132)

February 11, 2021

BCN readers! Hello! Zup! I have very exciting news for you. Even after two incredible milestones reached in 2020—expanding to 8 pages and hiring the first ever BCN paid staff members—we continue to fight against the current Covid hellstorm harder than ever. We now have official BCN Boxes on the streets of Boston! Maybe you already knew that because you snagged this rag from one, but we are just so overjoyed we must keep sharing this news. At the end of January, we placed 5 boxes around the neigh...

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