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Intentional Underground Happenings

Every month Brain Arts volunteers identify and compile underrepresented, alternative activities of the greater Boston underground. We select these events based on venue, neighborhood, organization, artist representation, and diversity of medium. We present this platform to subvert the status quo. The culture you consume has impact. Choose wisely.

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Dorchester Art Project

In January 2018, Brain Arts Org took over operations of the Dorchester Art Project, a community arts center in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. In addition to housing 13 private artist studios, DAP features two gallery spaces, a zine library and a small performance hall.

Brain Arts Market

Empowering Alternative Economy

Every other month Brain Arts Volunteers coordinate and host a marketplace of underrepresented, alternative vendors from greater boston in collaboration with the Cambridge Community Center. More than just a flea market, we specialize in interactive vendors as well as the typical commercial exchange of goods. We create this communal experience so citizens can support and connect with working creative communities without corporate interference. Your purchases have impact. Bring your brain shopping.

Boston Compass

The Boston Compass is our 4-page free newspaper distributed monthly to over 300 community spaces across the Greater Boston Area. With approximately 6k issues printed monthly, each issue serves primarily as a directory of curated music, art, and film events, focusing on non-commercial and under-represented artists in our community.


The mission of Brain Arts Org is to realize creative independence in systematically undervalued communities, including BIPOC, ALAANA+, LGBTQIA+, emerging and experimental artists. Through adaptive methods and hyperlocal engagement, we foster a culture where individuals create their own power and opportunities. Read More