Chosen Shows

Brain Arts Organization's Chosen Shows calendar featured in the Boston Compass newspaper and at

Dorchester Art Project

In January 2018, Brain Arts Org took over operations of the Dorchester Art Project, a community arts center in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. In addition to housing 13 private artist studios, DAP features two gallery spaces, a zine library and a small performance hall.

Brain Market Flea

Brain Market Flea is a volunteer-run, bi-monthly market at the Cambridge Community center featuring artisans and enthusiasts from across New England and beyond. Our vendors sell everything from handmade zines and original artwork to leather, glass, ceramic and fiber goods. With the full force of Brain Arts Org behind it, Brain Market Flea has become one of the most highly attended markets in the area, often drawing more than 1,000 visitors in a single day.

Boston Compass

The Boston Compass is our 4-page free newspaper distributed monthly to over 300 community spaces across the Greater Boston Area. With approximately 6k issues printed monthly, each issue serves primarily as a directory of curated music, art, and film events, focusing on non-commercial and under-represented artists in our community.


Brain Arts Organization is a volunteer run 501(c)3 arts nonprofit for Greater Boston. Our mission is to create platforms for fringe artistic communities. Through our inclusive, participatory efforts, we aspire to uplift communities and fill cultural voids in our unique region of New England.